In 2010 Law Institute acquired a status of a self – regulated legal entity under the management of professor Bokoev Janybek Abdraevich.

Educational activity in the Law Institute is conducted in accordance with Kyrgyz Republic’s Ministry of Education and Science License AL-№317 (specialty 521401 – legal studies and 521400 – legal studies ( bachelor, master), specialty 620002 – forensics.

In 2011 the administration of Kyrgyz National University named after Jusup Balasagyn provided previous building for the Law institute where in 50’s the story of Law Institute started.  The number 2 educational building has wide studying rooms, which were fixed and equipped at the expense of the Law Institute’s own funds. Law Institute now is in no need of contemporary technical equipment, as it has 200 PCs, 4 laptops, 50 printers, projectors, scanners and multifunctional printers and other).

Today we have over than 4000 students which came to study from different parts of Kyrgyz Republic and from abroad (Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Korea and China).

Training of future lawyers is conducted by specialized Departments leaded by known legal scientists:

  1. 1.Department of Theory and History of State and Law - (Head of the Deprtment, Doctor of Juridical Science, professor Mukambaeva G.A.).
  2. 2.Department of Constitutional Law (Head of the Deprtment, Candidate of Juridical Science, professor, honored lawyer of the Kyrgyz Republic, Kosakov S.K.).
  3. 3.Department of Civil law and proceeding (Head of the Deprtment, Doctor of Juridical Science, professor, corresponding member Arabaev Ch.I.).
  4. 4.Department of Criminal law and Criminology (Head of Department,  Candidate of Juridical Science, acting Associate Professor Jeenalieva A.J.)
  5. 5.Department of Criminal Proceeding and Forensics (Head of Department,  Candidate of Juridical Science, acting Associate Professor Ganieva T.I.)
  6. 6.Department of Business law (Head of Department,  Candidate of Juridical Science, acting Professor Orozalieva A.A.)
  7. 7.Department of Labour, Land and Ecological Law (Head of Department,  Candidate of Juridical Science, acting Associate Professor Ramankulov K.S.)
  8. 8.Department of Administrative Law and Jurisprudence (Head of Department,  Doctor of Juridical Science, acting Professor Sheripov N.T.)
  9. 9.Department of Languages (Head of Department,  Candidate of Philological Science, acting Associate Professor Urmatova A.D.)


Teaching staff of the Law Institute consists of 8 doctors, 40 candidates, for it is known to be a recognized leader in the training of highly qualified legal personnel capable of operating in a market economy and a democratic state of law.

After graduation most of the alumnae (around 55%) are employed at the place of internship:

  • in the bodies of internal Affairs  (MIA, in the management bodies of, Police Department) - 15%;
  • in the bodies of Prosecutor’s office – 5%
  • in the bodies of Ministry of Justice – 10%
  • in judicial bodies – 5%
  • in the civil service and municipal bodies –

In order to sustain productive cooperation in the field of education Law Institute has concluded agreements with many foreign universities:

  • The law faculty of Moscow state University. M.V. Lomonosov
  • Moscow State Law Academy
  • The Caspian public University
  • University named after D.A. Kunaev (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
  • Kazakh Humanitarian Law University 
  • Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
  • The law school of the faculty of social Sciences of Tallinn University of Technology (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Confucius Institute  under Kyrgyz National University named after J. Balasagyn (Xinjiang pedagogical University (China)

Students get to apply their theoretical knowledge at the 2 student legal clinics that operate in the  Institute:

  1. 1)Legal clinic under the direction of candidate of law, associate Professor Kim M.O., that is implementing a project named «Development of clinical legal education in higher educational institutions, as a guarantee of the irreversibility of democratic processes in Kyrgyzstan, with the cooperation of the Foundation «Legal clinic» and financial support of Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan.
  2. 2)Legal Advisory center with support from USAID under the guidance of Professor Ramankulov K.S., that provides free consultations to the population on social and labor issues.


All the departments of Law Institute have scientific clubs.

Department of Constitutional law -  students’ club «Akyikat»

Department of Civil law and process - students’ club «Pravovoi vek»

Department of Theory and history of state and law – students’ club «Demos»

Department of criminal law and process - students’ club «Adilet»

Department of administrative law - students’ club «Ukuk».

Positive outcomes of the clubs’ activities are conducted seminars, round tables and conferences. Only for last two years there were about 100 various kinds of types of scientific conferences on various topics.

Our students actively take part in all kinds of conferences. They perform informative and interesting presentations on legal topics. 2nd and 3rd year students of our Institute participated in the conference organized by the The Ombudsman's Apparatus in the framework of the announcement of the decree of the President of KR «2012  is the year of family, peace, reconciliation and mutual forgiveness».3rd year students were awarded prizes for the best performances: Temirkul kyzy Perizat – 1st place, Kanybekov Ernar – 2 place. 

Along with academic and scientific work a great attention is given to educational work for students. With this purpose Mentoring institution was created. The purpose of the educational work in the Institute is to form a socially adapted and socially active person, create conditions for realization of intellectual and creative potential of students. The main coordinator of educational work is a student Senate, that actively engages in holding various social events (charity events, contests, brain-rings, creative evenings and events dedicated to memorable dates and holidays).

Law institutes cares about its students and tries to attract students to a healthy lifestyle by conducting activities that involve sports and other activities. Law Institute can proudly call itself alma mater of the best sportsmen as a lot of our students are  - winners of gold, silver and bronze medals and various awards of Asia and world championships in Taekwondo, Greco Roman wrestling, boxing, judo, JIU jitsu and other.